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Lighting and .dae Files - FoF created by Modda

Quick Description:

After creating some key.dae files, my next step was to create some note.dae files. But then, shit! Stupid lighting was not working! So this will teach you how I overcome this, with some help from user amplitude at the FoF forums.

What a real pain in the butt this was to find, but eventually I did. At first I was creating the notes but the notes were either white from too much light, or they were too dark ( if you placed the light under the model ).

First thing is first, you will need the following:

  • 3d Studio Max 8
  • Does work with 3dsm 9 as well with the standard DAE exporter.

  • Cg 1.5 Beta 1
  • Download here

  • ColladaMax ( registration needed on site )
  • Download here

Install both of them, I think they were just .exe's with no problem at all.

Create your model of choice, and make sure they are labelled correctly. As in, they are Mesh, Mesh_001, Mesh_002 and Mesh_003. Place an Omni light just above the model and name it Omni_001.

Next, the main step which you must follow correctly. Open up the Materials dialogue, and on a new Material Slot follow these step:

  1. Shader Basic Parameters

  2. Change your shader type from Blinn to Phong

  3. Phong Basic Parameters

  4. Change the Specular from white to BLACK

  5. Read this step carefully

  6. After you have done the first two, make your way down the list from the top and make sure all the settings are set to 0.0 and others are unchecked! ( View Image )

Now you have the material set, Select your whole model and apply the material to it by dragging it onto the model from the material editor or by using the button shown below from the Material Editor.

You can now select all of the mesh WITH the Omni_001 and go to 'File > Export' and use the DAE export format. In the export options do like I have with the following:

Add the file to your 'data/mods/modname/' folder as note.dae and load the game with your mod! Hopefully all works fine! Good Luck! If for some reason it did not work, download the file provided: HERE.

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