Terminus font files

This portion of my site is dedicated to keeping backup copies of files related to Terminus, Dimitar Zhekov's magnificent font for people who need to stare at smallish text on computer displays all day long. Screenshot below.

Screenshot of terminus.ttf in action, in PuTTY, on Windows XP with ClearType enabled

Users of GNU/Linux and other *nix systems have Terminus conveniently available in the package repositories of their distribution of choice, but those of us stuck with a mainstream freedom-hating commercial OS typically need the TrueType/TTF files I keep here.

Most users need the regular version, but Apple/Mac people might get a better experience using the the OS X-optimized version.

These TTF files were originally distributed at http://fractal.csie.org/~eric/wiki/Terminus_font. This site has been down at some occasions when I've needed Terminus, so I keep this mirror.

Related: If Terminus doesn't suit you, have a look at the following comparisons of fixed-width fonts: CodeProject, Stack Overflow.


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