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National Bureau of Investigation's/Keskusrikospoliisi's final report on the Jokela school shooting

This directory contains the public parts of the final report on the investigation (esitutkinta) of the Jokela/Pekka-Eric Auvinen/Sturmgeist89 school massacre (2007-11-07), as released by the Finnish National Bureau of Investigation (KRP) on 2008-04-17 .

Report files

  • The final report in Finnish as a pdf file (originally named "Jokela+end.pdf")
  • An English translation of the final report on the Jokela shooting incident. This pdf document was sent to me by someone who claims to have retrieved it from a news agency - the translation seems to be of satisfying quality. Original name: "jokela_tiivistelma_englanti.pdf".
  • Animated reconstruction of the shooting, with Finnish narration. Found on the site of the newspaper Hufuvudstadsbladet, where it was named "jokela.wmv". The file can be played with e.g. VLC Player (free, open software).

    More info

  • News article in English on the Finnish Broadcasting Company's site.
  • Helsingin Sanomat's (major newspaper) version of the reconstruction video with the names of the victims removed (Flash video).
  • Helsingin Sanomat's news item in English on the release of investigation material.
  • The Finnish Police force's/KRP's release of the summary in pdf format.

    ("wget -r -np" is your friend)

    Please consider the events discussed here a wake up call, or point of reference in the struggle against loneliness, isolation, unidentified illness and faceless anger of all kinds in our societies.


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